Why we should sketch in education

At the simpliest of levels freehand sketching can be used as just a pass time,something which can help us relax,however it has been proven to have significant values in the process of learning. Freehand sketching is something we see and use in everyday life. It is a skill that is transferable to all aspects of life and is something which is very valuable

"many people in all walks of life use drawing as a way of generating,developing and communicating ideas" (Hope,2008 p.1)

Freehand sketching is a perhaps a skill that has been taken for granted. Freehand sketching can aid you in your learning in virtually any disclipine. The more sketching is developed and the more we learn about the significance of freehand sketching then the more we can employ it as a strategic tool for learning. In the pages below we will discuss and learn more about the educational tool that is freehand sketching. Freehand sketching can help you with your: