Sketching to improve your design skills

Drawing which is a key part of architecture, Video software development and product designers can dramatically improve your design skills by having the ability to sketch and to visualise.

"Architects Frequently use drawing not just as a means of symbolic representation but to actively generate ideas" (Goldschmidt 1994)

By having the ability to draw straight lines,you can then generate shapes and figures to create objects. Drawing which is massive for improving your visualisation is also a big aspect of design. Freehand sketching is the first step in any design process when coming up with conceptual designs, this is especially relevant for architects and product designers who use pencil as their thought process. The iterative act of drawing on paper involves putting down ideas, recognizing functions and meaning from the drawings, finding and adapting new forms into design. The act of drawing is important not only as a vehicle for communication; it actually helps designers see and understand the forms they work with (Edwards 1979). Laseau's "Graphic Thinking" (Laseau 1980) is a guide to making drawings for working out problems, and communicating with others. He describes drawing as a means for design development and describes freehand sketching as a “drawing Language” and illustrates the graphic vocabulary is lines shapes and values (1980)