Tips: For improving Your freehand Sketching

1.Understanding why we sketch

There are a number of reasons as to why we sketch,Sketching is a fundamental aspect of everyday life. It used to communicate and express ideas,improve your spatial abilty and awareness of everyday life.It helps you access your creative side of the brain and brings more meaning to the world and surroundings.

2. Have the correct equipment

Before you start sketching its important to have the correct equipment and to have  a sketchbook. Ensure all pencils are adequately sharpened and that you are sketching in a relaxed atmosphere

3. What shall i sketch?

A problem we can have is having too much to draw,everything around us that we can see we can draw. Its better to start of drawing smal simple objects first and working your way up to more complex. Be realistic-Dont try and run before you can walk!!

4. Where shall i sketch?

You can sketch anywhere!bring a sketchbook with you at all times and document and sketch out anything you want,this will help you improve your visual perception of objects

5.Use a viewfinder-watch the tutorial on how to use a viewfinder.A viewfinder will help you concentrate on just what you want to draw. you will notice big improvements from using a viewfinder

6.Use Grid drawings

Grid drawings will help you concentrate on positive and negative space and will help you sketch what you see,it will train eye to improve its dexterity skills.


The biggest tip that can be given for improving your freehand sketching is Practice, Sketch as much as you can and as often as you can. You will notice improvement in your sketching daily if you stick to a plan on sketching

8. Time

Do not rush..if you make a mistake with a drawing do it again and again untill its right!