Sketching Improve your Geometric thinking

Geometric thinking is the ability to learn and to see.Freehand sketching develops an understanding of perception of space andboundaries.

​ “A central feature to geometry is learning to “see”, that is to discern geometric objects and relationships, and to become aware of relationships that objects may or may not satisfy. (Johnston-Wilder and mason 2003) It has been found that freehand sketching can be used as a tool for developing student’s cognitive ability. Cognitive ability is the ability to and

“The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.” Freehand sketching gets you to interact with shapes, objects, lines and different views. Freehand sketching gets you to imagine, visualise and document what you see. Arnheim (1969) stated that everybody uses visual thinking constantly and people can utilise seeing, imagining and drawing, transferring from one kind of imagery to another in a dynamic way (Mckim 1972, p.8). If a student is given the name of shape of an object student use their geometric thinking when they sketch  it down. If given the name of a certain geometric figure, students can reproduce it and draw it on paper. (Crawley 1987).After students see the relationship between shapes and names they will automatically visualise the shape when they hear the name and be able to sketch it.