Brain Modes


Your brain has two sides, the right hemisphere (right brain) and the left hemisphere (left-brain). Left-brain thinking is analytical and verbal. Right-brain thinking is visual and perceptive. You use both right and left-brain functions for drawing.Our education system emphasizes the importance of left-brain functions.This is because the left brain functions are what are important for subject such as maths,science and verbal skills. As a result, many persons are left-brain dominant.However our more creative side is our right brain which is essential for freehand drawing. Many of the skills needed for drawing are processed by the right brain and if you can unlock these powers then you will become more able at freehand sketching.This i s achieved by giving the brain tasks which the will force the right brain to become activate. The workbook has numerous of tasks and activites which will help you access R-mode and help you improve your freehand sketching.