This site is aimed at improving your:

​Visual perception of objects

Build your visio spatial sketchpad

​Build your Confidence in two and three dimensional sketching

​Improve shadowing,shading and colouring

Develop Students Design capability

Available  Resources
  •  Students,Teachers and all types of learners have access to: 
  • PDF workbook on which starts from bascis and continues through untill advanced
  • Video tutorials which range from beginner to Advanced in clear step by step videos

About Us:

Sketch skills: was created as a teaching and learning resource for students,teachers and for anyone who has a general interest in developing their freehand sketching skills.The main aim is to develop an interest and build up your skill levels in freehand sketching.This website was created by David Lennon as part of a final year project in the University Of Limerick. The main reason this webpage was created was due to a lack of resources available to students and teachers in freehand sketching.(Download the phone app "sketchskills" of the play store in order to get access to the website on the go)