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Freehand sketching

Freehand sketching is a skill that can be learned by anyone,if you can ride a bike you can learn how to sketch. This site is aimed at Teachers,students and people who have a interest in freehand sketching.It is an ideal teaching resource for students in Secondary schools who have never had any experience of freehand sketching before and which will take them on a journey which will more then adequately prepare them for the DCG leaving cert porfolio.


Interactive learning

This webpage gives you a direct access to interactive teaching and learning through the medium of online tutorial videos. The tutorials will cover the basics of freehand sketching write up to advanced development of skills. This webpage places particualar emphasis on helping new students improve their viusalisation, freehand drawing and developing the right hand side of a students brain. 

We offer premier online education in Freehand sketching,this site aims at improving your freehand sketching skills whether you are a beginner starting out or have a background in freehand sketching

Our tutoriols are offered to students,teachers and to people who generally have an interest in freehand sketching.The program range from Beginners to Advanced

Are you ready to start your sketching journey?Download the PDF workbook in the workbook Page and get watching the tutorials!


in spite of everything i shall rise again,i will take up my pencil which i have forsaken in my great discouragement and i will get on with my drawing-Vincent van gogh

Phone app:

Why not download our android phone app to gain access to our tutorials on the go. This can be found on the playstore at "sketchskills"